Career Training

Available programs

Production Accounting


This course is one of our newest additions in the Film sector. This program is designed to train participants on managing finances during film or TV production.   The program prepares you to do payroll, invoicing and accounting duties performed on sets.

Kitchen Masters


The 16 Week Kitchen Master’s program supports youth with developing the skills, training, networks and work experience to launch a career in the culinary industry. Youth will gain industry certification, learn about nutrition and wellness, and participate in cooking challenges. They will also have the opportunity to join personal development workshops, gain experience through unpaid internship and job placement. Youth will also receive access to wrap around support which includes a social worker and psychotherapist.



This 20-week program aims to provide black youth with the desired skills and training needed to pursue a career in the digital technology industry. Through hands-on training, youth will earn industry certification in: technical web design, 3D world and video game basics, social media management, theory of Computer Technology and Design.

Programs ended or already started

CEE’S VFX program is a career training and development program done in partnership with Woodgreen. Youth are provided 23 weeks of technical training, which will enable them entry into Toronto’s visual effects industry.

CEE Trades is a career training and development program that supports youth to build a career in the construction industry.

This program provides youth with the opportunity to gain industry-specific skills hands-on experience and paid placements.

This is a 12 week training that offers youth a gateway into a career in IT. 

The program offers an in depth learning experience firstly through attending our CEE Essentials suite of soft skills as well as hard skills in networking essentials and Wi-Fi to train for positions as Tier 1 IT Support staff. The goal aims for youth to secure placements within call centres that offer technical IT support upon graduation. 

CEE and POV have partnered to create a Production Assistant Training program, which is a career training and development program that aims to provide you with the training, skills, and opportunities necessary to be successful in the screen-based industry as a production assistant (PA).

This is 14-week styling program for Black fashion entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Focusing on training in the different components of costuming and wardrobe styling for Film and TV.

E-Trades is a career training and development program that supports youth with experience and a desire in the trades to build a career behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

This exploratory program is geared towards TDSB high school Black youth 18+ that are interested in discovering what profession they would like to engage in.

Project Alchemy is geared towards working with youth that has had contact with the criminal justice system and are interested in becoming community leaders.

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