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The CEE Centre For Young Black Professionals is a Toronto based charity that is dedicated to addressing the economic and social barriers that affect Black youth ages 14 and over who are not in employment, education, or training (NEET).

Our mission is to create a society and economy in which Black youth achieve financial prosperity and high quality of life for themselves and their families to contribute to the advancement of Canada.

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How we contribute to the development of Canada?

We achieve this by collaborating with Black youth, their families, employers, and the broader community in 3 areas of work:

Career Training: To support youth workforce development in Canada, CEE offers career training in 5 labour market gaps: Tech, Trades, Film, Social Services, and Hospitality. Our programs are aimed at improving careers, education, and empowerment (CEE) by using approaches that are holistic, person-centered and culturally relevant.


Sector Growth: We work to strengthen the social service sector in Toronto by providing training through our CEE Essentials Suite. We are the project lead for the Black To The Future Community of Practice and our staff actively participates in civic engagement initiatives such as round tables, councils, and community initiatives.


Social Enterprise: We are launching two initiatives. CEE Talent will allow you to hire a CEE alumnus for creative projects or for work in the 5 labour gaps that we run programming (Launch 2020).  CEE Essentials is a curriculum Second, a training  We are actively testing a model that will allow you to hire or contract services from CEE Youth E-Commerce: Why not hire a youth who has graduated from a CEE program?. We are testing the model and expect to launch in 2020. 


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