Why we are unique

We focus on black youth

CEE advances the economic and social development of Black youth facing multiple barriers to employment: unemployment, low incomes, anti-Black racism, conflict with the law, being young parents, trauma, and lack of secondary or post-secondary education, among others.

Our programs have a 80% (or more) student retention rate

Through our holistic intake process we identify social and economic barriers specific to the individual. Thereafter we facilitate a wrap-around social support system to ensure they meet milestone while they attend our program and during job placements.

We give wrap-around support

Each cohort can access social and economic wrap around support. Each cohort is supported by an instructor and a Master of Social Work (MSW) who facilitate direct or external supports services. For example, we find housing for homeless participants, we counsel participants impacted by trauma and engage guest speakers to allow for youth to grow their network. Youth meet with our Social Workers for 3 mandatory coaching sessions; thereafter on a needs basis and for emergency matters.

The economic supports include access to weekly financial stipends (based on attendance and participation), transportation, food and/or a hardship (emergency) fund.

Alumni support: we stay with our graduates

After our youth graduate, we support them to seek and maintain employment for up to two years. Additionally, during this time, youth can access MSW for social supports.

We strengthen the social service sector

We provide professional development training at other agencies/conferences to build their capacity in the following areas: trauma-informed care, cultural competencies, working with vulnerable populations, outreach strategies targeted to youth at-risk. We partner with other charities who want to reach our demographic group.