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POV 3rd Street, in partnership with CEE, is piloting a five-week Production Assistant Training Program for youth (18-29) who are recipients of Ontario Works.

This five-week training program, designed with industry consultation, will provide the requisite skills and knowledge needed to enter the screen-based industry as a Production Assistant (PA). It also provides the necessary social services supports to ensure participant success. Upon completion of the training, qualified participants will receive plaid placement opportunities and gain experience working on a TV/Film set as a PA.

A city-wide partnership to promote access and diversity in the TV & film production industry

The PA Program pilot is made possible by the City of Toronto’s Film Commission, Toronto Employment and Social Services and the United Way of Greater Toronto.

This pilot is part of the City of Toronto’s xoTO Screen Industry Pathway initiatives which seek to facilitate the entry into the screen-based industries in Toronto, including youth from equity-seeking groups. The Directors Guild of Canada-Ontario has joined as industry partner to help shape and create a path for participants.

Industry research report and event

Accompanying the PA Pilot Program is a collaborative research initiative between the City of Toronto and United Way aimed at identifying and better understanding the barriers faced by youth from equity-seeking groups entering the media industry. The research will result in a report that identifies actionable opportunities to increase inclusion in the industry and provide a set of best practices and guidelines for industry stakeholders to strengthen diversity and equity within their organizations. The key findings of this research will be announced at an xoTO City of Toronto Event in March 2020.

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Yao Togobo, Programs Manager – 647 548 5017