Our impact

Success Story – Anthony

Anthony is a graduate of our Kitchen Masters Hospitality program.
“This is the first time I was actually in a program where I moved on to something based off of the program that I was in (Kitchen Masters)” – Anthony (KM Graduate)


Kitchen Masters Program (12 or 16 weeks?)

  • 81% of participants transitioned to career opportunities  
  • 91% of participants completed career development training
  • 91% of participant’s implementing stable lifestyle, coping and stress strategies learned through the program

Trade Linx Program (12 weeks)

  • 85% of members have received all safety tickets  (safety certificates)
  • 64% of members have joined a union 
  • 93% are currently living in stable and safe housing 

Digital Technology program (24 weeks)

  • 90% of cohorts graduated
  • 70% of cohorts went on to interview for jobs in the technology sector

Our members demographic data

  • 100% were recipients of Ontario Works
  • 53% had previous conflict with the law
  • 50% were parents

Success Story – Bilal


Bilal graduate of the first program – company challenge – that ran in the Jane and Finch community in 2013/14. Thereafter, he pursue post secondary education, in fact it was a CEE staff who supported his educational journey, even accompanying him to school’s open house event. Today, Bilal is the production assistant of CEE’s new e-learning project called CEE Chats.

Success Story – Ohemaa Boateng