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About CEE

CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals(CEE) is dedicated to addressing economic issues effecting Black youth. Our vision is to help Black youth who face multiple barriers achieve financial stability for themselves and their families, helping to strengthen the communities in which they live. Our mission is to increase economic opportunities for Black youth living in Toronto’s priority neighborhoods, supporting them in the areas of employability, social enterprise and entrepreneurship. CEE works to ensure that our programming reaches and is accessible to youth who face multiple barriers, such as: unemployment, underemployment, conflict with law, being young parents, poverty and lack of secondary or post-secondary education. www.ceetoronto.org

We are recruiting based on the following criteria:

  • Have experience in governance, policy or nonprofit management; 
  • Believe that the mission-statement, vision, and values of CEE align with their own values, and are interested in volunteering with CEE;
  • Are aspiring to serve on a non-profit board in the next few years (serving on a committee creates a path forward to board candidacy);
  • Can commit at least one year to the committee, with the option to renew for another year;
  • Is attentive to detail
  • Has strong critical thinking skills
  • Ideally, are based in the GTA.

Attached are the terms of reference for the committee for additional details. Please feel free to share this opportunity with the members of your association.

Professionals from any of the intersectional areas of the Black community are welcome to apply (e.g. LGBQT+, identify as women, living with disabilities, religious minority group). Interview accommodations can be made – to the best of our abilities – with advanced notice.


CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals Governance Committee Terms of Reference

Policy Name: Governance Committee – Terms of Reference

Date Original Version Approved: January 25th 2017

Authorized by: CEE Board of Directors

Date Revision Approved: November 3 2021

  1. Purpose
    • The Governance Committee assists the Board of Directors to ensure high quality governance structure and functioning.
  2. Authority
    • Committee members are appointed by the Board and operate under the authority of the Board.
    • Committee members report and make recommendations to the Board on a regular basis.
  3. Committee Membership
    • Members of the Committee and the Chair are appointed annually by the Board.
    • Composition of the Committee
      • At least two Directors from the Board.
      • At least one staff member from CEE’s executive or leadership.
      • Community members not to exceed the number of Directors on the committee.
  4. Meetings
    • Frequency: The Committee shall meet at the call of the Governance Chair at least eight times per year.
    • Minutes: Minutes of all Committee meetings will be recorded and retained.
    • Quorum: A quorum for all meetings of the Committee shall be 50% of members.
    • Notice: Notice of all meetings of the Committee will be given to all committee members at least five days prior to the date of the meeting. The chair may call a meeting on less notice with consent of the majority of members.
  5. Responsibilities
    • General Governance issues: The Committee assists the Board by ensuring the following:
      • Governance policies and practices are developed and implemented consistent with CEE’s mission, vision and values, along with all relevant laws of Canada
      • Policies are established and followed to avoid or resolve conflict of interest situations. The Board may refer situations of actual or perceived conflict of interest to the Committee for advice
      • Advise and assist the Board of Directors and the Executive Director in advancing the governance and accountability related objectives of CEE’s strategic plan
      • Each Board member is educated on, understands, and acknowledges understanding in writing, of select, policies required by federal, provincial, or municipal law
      • The Board and Board member learning and performance is supported and facilitated and mechanisms are in place for evaluation of Board performance.
      • Anticipate and manage Board vacancies, including but not limited to actively monitoring Director terms, qualifying candidates for board directorships, building a pipeline of potential and future board directors
      • Board succession is anticipated, planned for, and managed through processes including, but not limited to, nomination and selection for approval of the Board’s leaders
      • Leading the orientation and training process for newly recruited board members
      • Supporting the Board Chair in the performance evaluation of the Executive Director
      • Maintain an analytical framework assessing competencies, expertise, skills, background and qualities of current Board members, and identify areas where additional strengths are required
      • Support succession planning policy and process development and execution for the Board, its Committees, and CEE’s Executive Director
      • Monitor and advise the Board of Directors on developments and emerging best practices in governance, including Board liability and risk management, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for improvements to governance structure and policies
      • Coordinate CEE Committee annual goals, objectives and work plan priorities
  6. Nominations
    • The Committee assists the Board by:
      • Assessing the recruitment needs of the Board and its committees.
      • Ensuring that there are nominations for all positions on the Board and its committees as vacancies arise.
      • Ensuring there is an open and transparent process for nominations.
  7. Reporting The Committee reports to the Board by distributing a high-level summary at each Board meeting. The summary details what the Committee has been working on (since it last reported to the Board), what the Committee is bringing forward for discussion or approval, and what is coming up on the Committee’s agenda.
  8. Other The Committee also undertakes specific tasks as requested by the Board

If you have any questions or would like to be considered, please feel free to reach out to us at CEEGovernance@ceetoronto.org.

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