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About me

As far as I can remember I’ve always been an innovator, constantly conceptualizing how everything came to be & fantasizing about my own potential innovations. This often leads to me relentlessly ripping into any of my interests until I’ve reached whatever sometimes unreasonable, but possible, goals I’ve set to see these innovations come to fruition.

After high school, I pursued careers within different entrepreneurial industries such as dropshipping, freelance graphic designing, freelance video editing & social media, over the course of which I discovered new venues which interest me such as Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, VFX, Cybersecurity & Full Stack Development. I’ve since taken & am currently taking many courses ranging from Khan Academy to immersive workshops to fine-tune my skills within these industries in hopes to capitalize on my potential within them or any applicable industries.

(Not work related, but a milestone nonetheless) Over this period of time, I’ve taken on many different hobbies which consists of one I’m particularly proud of such as building 2 successful 100 man competitive teams in the popular video game known as Black Desert Online where teams of 100 people go head to head in hopes to conquer pieces of land for wealth & varying benefits. In other words real life, but gamified.

Upon building my first team Water, I learned many different skills in regard to running a business as it required things such as delegating roles, wage management, recruiting, training, marketing (everything from public relations to advertising), managing workflow, politics & most importantly, persisting through adversity. To add to these skills I also learned skills in regard to being competitive in Black Desert Online such as shot-calling (which consists of coordinating 100 people at a time with my voice to move as a cohesive unit towards varying objectives), strategizing, critical thinking & hand-eye coordination.

I’m proud (& slightly distraught since I do enjoy the work) to say that I built a business that was able to run itself & continued excelling at the top of its industry with my involvement needing to be less than an hour a week.

With that said, I’m actively looking for any opportunities within the tech industry to expand my knowledge, capitalize on my potential & build further experience.


  • 2017
    Jarvis Collegiate Institute

    Highschool Diploma

    I excelled.

  • 2020
    CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals

    Compositing Training

    Underwent training in CEE's VFX program where I learned all the fundamentals of compositing and utilizing Nuke Studio. Main Units: Roto, Tracking, Keying, Clean Up.


  • 2020 - 2020
    onUP productions


    Interned at onUP productions working as a cog in the VFX pipeline on commercial projects ranging from motion graphics to textbook compositing.


Graphic Designing
Motion Graphics
Video Editing

Honors & awards


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