Our approach

The CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals is dedicated to addressing economic issues affecting Black youth. By ensuring the development of relevant and meaningful services and supports, we are working alongside the youth we serve to achieve economic stability  through Careers, Education and Empowerment (CEE).

Our Mission

CEE advances the economic and social development of Black youth facing multiple barriers to employment. We achieve career development and job readiness using holistic, person-centered and culturally relevant programs and services.

Our Vision

A society and economy in which Black youth achieve financial prosperity and a high quality of life for themselves and their families. We achieve this in collaboration with Black youth, their families, employers and the broader community.

Our Story

CEE is a legacy initiative of the Youth Challenge Fund. This fund was created as a response to increased youth violence in the city in 2006.  In April 2016 CEE incorporated as it’s own non-profit organization after 4 years of incubation with the Black Creek Community Health Center. April 2018, we earned status as a charity organization; still maintaining trustee support services through WoodGreen Community Services.  The challenges surrounding employment is the primary focus for CEE, working to provide alternatives and address the root causes of precarious employment that affect Black youth today.

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Our Core Values

Person-Centered Work: CEE treats each member as an individual with unique experiences and contexts. We work with our members to develop their own pathways to achieve their aspirations. The needs and perspectives of our members are always at the forefront of our decision-making as an organization.

Strong Partnerships: CEE understands the importance of working in collaboration not competition with other community groups. CEE is committed to working with strong partners with a track record of success in delivering programs that benefit Black youth.

Professionalism and Commitment: CEE will deliver programming of the highest standard, delivered by highly skilled staff who are dedicated to serving their community, in spaces that are safe and professionally run.

Our Supporting Values:

Social Justice: CEE’s work with Black youth in Toronto is a part of the larger struggle for economic justice, dignity and equity for all human beings. Wherever possible CEE will work to support other organizations and individuals who are striving for social justice in our communities.

Building Community: CEE makes it a priority to invest its resources within the Black community and specifically with those from marginalized neighborhoods. We also are focused on building connections between Black youth and their larger communities.

Anti-Oppression: CEE uses an anti-oppression model to create an equitable, accessible and inclusive space which does not tolerate any form of discrimination.

Respect for Diversity in Black Communities: CEE understands that youth who identify as “Black” come from a variety of backgrounds, regions, cultures and religions. Our programming is inclusive to the different Black experiences young people have in Toronto.